paul abstruse
Paul Abstruse
comic book artist

About Me

Comic book artist. Resident of Australia.
To put it simply, comic books are in my blood. I've drawn them now for over ten years, working on such titles as Witchking, The Watch and The Cyst. And with each and every project my passion only intensifies.
My artistic experience has also led me into areas of writing, tattooing and fine arts.

My aim is to bring a top quality product to the table every time, be it a poster for a band, cover for a novel or a full 120 page graphic novel.My ability gives me the flexibility to use any style which is best suited for the project.

To quote a man who was a perfectionist, like myself, it was Helmut Newton who said it best: "I'm a gun for hire".

Books published:

"The Cyst" graphic novel 120pgs
"Witch King" graphic novel 120pgs
"The watch; Cathexes" first part. Web
comic. 24pgs
"Killeroo: Gangwar" back up story. 14
"Heroine Addict" Web comic.
"Gaining Velocity" Anthology. June 2011.
"1000 ways to die" Zenescope. Feb 2012.
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